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Norovirus Cruise Victims Plan Holiday Illness Claims

Passengers on the vomit-stricken cruise ship Boudicca are planning to make holiday illness claims after their holidays were ruined.

The luxury cruise ship operated by Fred Olsen had to cut short a tour of the Mediterranean after 21 days due to an extensive outbreak of the norovirus.

The norovirus – also known as the winter vomiting bug – causes diarrhoea, sickness and stomach cramps and is highly contagious. Around a quarter of the 1,066 passengers on the ship were struck down by the virus. Due to its contagious nature, passengers were required to spend 3 to 5 days in quarantine in their cabins in an attempt to stop the bug from spreading.

Many passengers are now enraged at Fred Olsen for ruining their dream holiday. They have already given £100 to passengers and will refund the cost of the two missing days. They will also give vouchers worth half the value of time spent quarantined in a cabin. The cruise cost passengers at least £1,399.

Despite these offers, Fred Olsen maintains that the bug was brought onto the ship by a 74 year old female passenger. This is despite the fact that at least one member of the crew has been revealed to have been suffering from the virus before the ship set off from its base in Liverpool at the beginning of April. The operator insists that the crew member was confined to a cabin.

There have been cases of norovirus reported on the Boudicca in six sailings since October last year.

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