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North Wales schools pay £225,000 personal injury compensation to accident victims

Schools across North Wales have paid out £225,000 in personal injury compensation for accidents to parents, pupils and teachers over the last five years.

The worst county by far was Flintshire, which made a large bulk of the claims at £148,000.

Examples of compensation payouts include £17,568 to an employee who fell over during a lesson, a pupil who got £10,483 for tripping over, another pupil who received £2,500 for being hurt by defective equipment and a teacher in Llandudno who managed to claim £7,780 for injuring themselves whilst ‘stretching’.

The information, which was obtained by a Welsh local newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act, showed that Flintshire’s biggest hit was in 2005/2006, when over £62,000 personal injury compensation was paid out by schools to victims of accidents. A substantial portion of these were made up of slip and trip accident claims.

North Wales Assembly Minister said: “We know the council (Flintshire) has inherited a worrying backlog of maintenance and repairs to school buildings, but then all councils suffer from this to a greater or lesser extent.”

He added: “Whatever the actual situation, councils must learn from good practice of the best in order to minimise injuries and maximise efficient use of resources.”

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