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North West NHS Trust Pays £4Million in Compensation

An NHS Trust in the North-West of England, are reported to have paid out more than £4million as a result of compensation claims in the last year.

Figures reported by the St Helens Reporter show that the NHS Trust responsible for running St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital paid out £4.1million during the last yearly reporting period.

This money was paid out to patients who have suffered due to the negligence of medical staff working for the Trust. The figure also includes legal fees paid to the patients’ representatives.

The amount of compensation paid by this particular NHS Trust has risen by over a million pounds from the previous years figures.

Other nearby NHS Trusts have seen even larger compensation bills over the last yearly period. The Trust responsible for Tameside Hospital, which is in the area east of Manchester, paid out over £13million in the same time frame.

Example claims made against Tameside Hospital are reported to include a claim made after a swab was left inside a patients’ body after an operation.

The announcement of these figures comes at the same time as The Sun newspaper are reporting that £1.3million compensation has been paid out to male NHS patients who have had testicles wrongly removed by surgeons. In most cases the surgery was later found to be unnecessary, but in some cases the wrong testicle was removed.

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