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Nottingham road improvements help reduce road traffic accident deaths and serious injuries

The city of Nottingham is leading the way in reducing the numbers killed and seriously injured in road traffic accidents.

Over 70 changes and improvements have been made to the city’s roads over the last year, mainly at high risk accident hotspots. As a result deaths and serious injury figures have dropped by eight percent, from 695 to 637.

Nottingham has managed to smash government road safety targets set to them, and are now two years ahead of schedule for their reductions in road deaths and serious injuries from road traffic accidents.

Nottinghamshire County Council have also declared that better education and more police patrolling on the roads has played a part in the fewer injuries and fatalities on the roads.

The council aimed to bring down numbers of those seriously injured by 40% and child casualties by 50% by 2010. By 2008 the figures stood at 41.9% for serious injuries and 69% for child casualties.

The city’s council, as well as police, fire and rescue and ambulance services have all been complimented in the way that they have helped conduct the improvements to the road network. As well as this both secondary and primary schools have had increased road safety, pedestrian and cycle training which are believed to have contributed to the fewer casualty numbers.

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