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Number of Cars Driven Without Insurance Falls – So does the Number of Uninsured Driver Claims

The number of cars driven without insurance on the roads of the UK has significantly fallen, figures just released show. This is coupled with a reduction of the number of uninsured driver claims for compensation made.

Figures just released by the Motor Insurance Bureau reveal a reduction of 20% in the last four years. 1.5 million cars on the road were estimated to be driven without insurance during 2009. This compares to 1.8 million during 2005.

Despite the reduction in number, the MIB still warned about the dangers of uninsured motorists.160 people were killed and 23,000 injured in incidents involving uninsured drivers in the past few years. The motor insurance bureau pays out compensation to those injured on the roads by those who are uninsured.

Barkerend in Bradford tops the list of UK uninsured driver hot spots, and has been in that position for the last 13 years. West Gorton in Manchester and three areas from Birmingham make up the rest of the top five.

Driving without insurance carries a penalty of a £200 fine and 6 penalty points on the driving license. The Police also have the power to seize uninsured vehicles, and crush them if the situation is not rectified within 14 days.

Although the reduction in numbers is a welcome sight, there is still some way to go to rid the roads of the 1.5 million uninsured motorists and the higher insurance premiums law abiding motorists pay as a result.

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