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Nurse Wins Compensation after Finger is Amputated due to Medical Blunders

An Oldham nurse, who lost her finger because of a string of hospital blunders, has been awarded a five figure sum in compensation.

Forty six year old mum of three, Claire Heywood suffered a nasty cut to her left middle finger, when a glass lamp shade broke at her home in Failsworth.

Claire, who is employed as a paediatric nurse at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, immediately went to her local accident and emergency department, fearing she may have severed a tendon in the accident.

However medical staff at the Royal Oldham Hospital simply bandaged her wound and told her it was nothing to worry about, before sending her home.

What followed next was a catalogue of medical blunders, which led to the nurse having to endure five years of treatment, which culminated in her finger having to be amputated.

Claire launched a claim for medical negligence compensation against the Pennine Acute NHS Trust, who manage the Royal Oldham, claiming that hospital staff had been negligent by not diagnosing her injury correctly.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that the Pennine Acute Trust, have now apologised for the incident and have paid the nurse a five figure sum in damages, in an out of court settlement.

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