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Person slipping on wet floor, Work injury compensation injuryOffices are generally considered safe places to work, and compared to many other workplaces they are. However, all workplaces have potential hazards and dangers, and a surprising amount of accidents happen in offices every year. Over 3000 serious injuries are suffered in office accidents every year which result in an employee needing more than three days off work to recover. If you have suffered an injury in an accident that was not your fault then Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors can help you to get compensation by making an office work injury claim.

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There are many different ways to suffer an accident in an office, with some of them being more common than others. Some of these are outlined below:

Slips, trips and falls – Slips and falls are extremely common in all workplaces, and offices are no exception. Offices are full of wires and cables, which if not managed properly can cause potential tripping hazards. A fall can cause serious injuries including broken bones, making an office work injury claim for compensation is often necessary to claim back expenses and lost earnings.

Lifting and manual handling – Injuries caused by lifting or moving objects are the most common office accidents. Training and equipment should be provided to let staff move heavy objects correctly. Back injuries are common from manual handling.

Repetitive strain injury – Repetitive strain injury is a painful condition caused by performing a particular movement repeatedly. A common example of this is pain in the wrists caused by typing on a keyboard for extended periods of time. Wrist rests can be provided by the employer to combat this problem.

Electric shocks – Offices are full of electrical equipment. On rare occasions employees have been known to be the victims of electric shocks from faulty equipment. Employers have a responsibility to maintain all equipment to a safe standard otherwise; they could face an office work injury claim.

Psychological injuries – Employers have a responsibility to protect employees’ mental as well as physical health. This includes doing everything possible in their means to prevent stress and depression.

Here at Amanda Cunliffe we understand that some people are reluctant to make an office work injury claim against a current or former employer. Making a claim for compensation helps prevent similar accidents happening to people in the future. Employers have liability insurance which pays any compensation awarded to you, and they are prohibited by law from disciplining staff who make a compensation claim against them.

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Office work injury compensation claims

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