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Opera Star Claims Accident at Work Compensation after Set Falls on Him

A UK opera star is making an accident at work compensation claim after suffering serious injuries while performing.

David Montague-Rendall was singing at the Copenhagen Opera House when the incident happened. The Southern Daily Echo newspaper is reporting that the world renowned tenor was performing in a run of Aida back in April 2005, when part of the set collapsed and fell onto him causing him to fall 15 foot. The stage included two levels to give the impression of a tomb at the bottom. Mr Montague-Rendall narrowly avoided being crushed by crawling to safety after the incident.

He did however suffer serious injuries in the incident, his left hip was shattered and he suffered injuries to both shoulders. He had to undergo a hip replacement operation as well as surgery on both of his shoulders.

He has lodged a claim for compensation with the Danish Ministry of Culture, who owns Copenhagen Opera House. They have already admitted liability for the incident, but dispute the amount of damages being claimed. Mr Montague-Rendall is claiming £250,000 in compensation. As well as damages for his injuries, this figure includes loss of earnings he claims to have suffered in the years since. Although he has since returned to the stage, he claims to have lost bookings as certain opera companies believe he has lost his best abilities since the accident. He has been out of work for two years.

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