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Paralysed Man Wins Substantial Compensation from NHS for Serious Personal Injury

A man who was paralysed due to a delay in treating a medical condition has won a substantial compensation settlement for his serious personal injury.

Tim Joplin was taken to Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley in early 2003, as he was suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain. For five days he was told that his pain was caused by a pulled or strained muscle.

However, The Express and Star newspaper is reporting that his symptoms worsened considerably after five days and he was taken instead to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. This time they performed a scan which revealed an abscess pressing into his spinal cord, and he was rushed into surgery.

Unfortunately, despite the surgery, Mr Joplin was left paralysed and without the use of all four limbs. He now requires constant care and is wholly dependant on others. He also suffers from constant pain.

Mr Joplin sued the NHS for failing to diagnose and treat his condition sooner. He also alleged that medical staff ignored family concerns about his treatment. He has been awarded £825,000 compensation and has received an apology from the Chief Executive of the NHS Trust in question. The Chief Executive added that lessons would be learnt from the incident.

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