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Paralysed Motorcyclist Claims £500,000 Compensation after Bus Crash

A Stoke man, who was left paralysed after his motorcycle was in collision with a bus, is to claim over £500,000 in bus accident compensation.

The Plymouth Herald is reporting that twenty three year old Richard Mo was on his way to the City College Plymouth when his Honda motorcycle was involved in a collision with the number thirty six bus, which allegedly pulled straight out into his path on Paradise Road.

Mr. Mo, who lives in Plymouth, suffered serious personal injury in the road traffic accident, including two fractured shoulder blades and a spinal injury which has left him confined to a wheelchair.

In a High Court Writ issued by his legal team, Mr. Mo claims that the driver of the bus was negligent by driving too fast, attempting to cross Paradise Road when it was not safe to do so and not keeping a proper look out.

Mr. Mo is claiming £500,000 in damages from Plymouth Citybus and their insurers, claiming that his injuries have left him “severely handicapped” in the job market.

A spokesperson for the bus company stated that as the legal proceedings were ongoing they were unable to comment.

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