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Paramedic who lost leg in Motorbike Accident seeks £4m Compensation

A Staffordshire motorcycle paramedic, who lost a leg in a horrific road traffic accident, has launched a claim for more than £4 million in compensation.

Fifty year old John Brown, from Tamworth, was travelling along Walsall Road, on his Armstrong motorbike, when he was involved in a collision with a van, which had turned right, straight into his path.

The Express and Star is reporting that Mr. Browns left leg was severed at the thigh, as the two vehicles collided and it was only the swift actions of an off duty police officer, who had rushed to help the stricken motorcyclist, that prevented him from bleeding to death.

Mr. Brown, who had worked for the West Midlands Ambulance Service for thirteen years, has now launched a claim for motorcycle accident compensation, against the van driver’s insurers, for a reported £4.65 million in damages.

Speaking in court Mr. Brown stated that he had loved his work as a motorcycle paramedic and the job satisfaction could never be replaced, he currently works as a volunteer driver for the ambulance service, transporting patients.

Insurers for the van driver have admitted liability for the accident but are disputing the level of compensation, which they have valued at around £1.6 million, the case is currently ongoing.

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