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Parents of Little Boy Struck Down with MRSA Win Hospital Infection Compensation

The parents of a little boy who contracted MRSA just days into his young life have won their case for hospital infection compensation.

Sharon and Daniel Purvis from Leeds made the claim after their son Alistair became ill. He was born seven weeks premature at Leeds General Infirmary two years ago. Alistair caught MRSA just days after coming into this world along with five other babies in an MRSA outbreak in the neonatal unit. The anti-biotic resistant ‘superbug’ is potentially lethal, especially when contracted by one so young. Luckily for Alistair he contracted the infection in his eyes rather than directly in his bloodstream which is generally known to be less lethal. It is unclear whether he will have any long-term health problems, although he recovered admirably from the virus.

Sharon and Daniel claimed against Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust for failing to provide adequate hygiene methods in the hospital. They had been informed prior to Alistair contracting MRSA that there was an outbreak of the virus on the ward but that Alistair would be unaffected. Later they saw nurses handling Alistair without gloves, a basic measure against MRSA. The NHS Trust admitted to failing hygiene standards and failing to follow its own procedures. The Purvis’s were awarded £1,200 in hospital infection compensation.

A spokeswomen on behalf of the hospital said; “We are very sorry our procedures at the time did not protect Alistair while in our care and we apologise for the distress this caused the family. During the past two years we have reduced very substantially the number of preventable infections throughout the hospital.”

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