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Parents of Little Girl Win £7mill Birth Injury Claim

The mother of a little girl has been awarded £7million compensation for a birth injury claim after her daughter suffered major injuries by poor treatment.

Baby Ella Bryant-Brand suffered brain damage that left her with cerebral palsy after being starved of oxygen during her birth at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton. Her umbilical cord had become wrapped around her neck cutting off the oxygen supply to her brain. Unfortunately the cord was not removed by medical staff in time to stop the brain damage from occurring. The injuries have left Ella severely struggling with walking and communicating.

The compensation to Ella was awarded through her mother Kim, who has battled hard with the NHS Litigation Authority for seven years in her birth injury claim. She will receive between 5 and 7 million pounds. After the result it was revealed that the 38 year old mother will use the award to pay for equipment that will improve Ella’s quality of life and to provide the full time care that she needs for the rest of her days.

The news comes at the same time as figures are released that show that on average new mums make 10 complaints a day about the standard of treatment they have received in the maternity wings of NHS hospitals.

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