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Passenger Wins Bus Accident Claim for Compensation

A man from Kettering who was injured when the bus he was travelling on braked suddenly, has won his bus accident claim for compensation battle.

Peter Stone was travelling on a Stagecoach bus in Wellingborough when the incident happened in February 2006. As Peter stood up to leave the vehicle and went to grab the handrail, the bus braked suddenly and he was flung down the length of the vehicle. He lost consciousness before waking up collapsed under the windscreen.

Mr Stone suffered whiplash during the incident and also an injury to his hip. This happened when his hip hit a bolt on the bottom of a handrail as he was thrown down the bus. He suffered excruciating pain, back problems and weakness of the hip.

After a legal battle in which court proceedings were threatened, Stagecoach eventually admitted liability for the incident before the case went to court. Peter has been awarded £5,500 in compensation for his injuries. He now hopes he can resume his career in young children’s education. He expressed his desire after the settlement was announced to start a new life and move on from the accident and legal battle. Stagecoach made no statement after the payout was agreed.

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