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Patient Wins £9,000 Compensation after Dentist Pulls Wrong Tooth

A dental patient has received £9,000 in compensation, after a dentist mistakenly removed a perfectly healthy tooth.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that forty four year old James Lacey, from Hulme, was suffering with agonising toothache when he was referred by his dentist to the Manchester Dental Hospital for treatment.

Mr. Lacey required the extraction of three teeth during the operation but when he recovered from his sedation, he noticed that a perfectly healthy tooth was missing.

He then launched a claim for dental negligence compensation, against the Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust, who are responsible for the specialist dental hospital and was awarded £9,000 in damages, in an out of court settlement.

Red faced bosses at the hospital admitted that a mistake in the patients’ dental records meant that a tooth had been extracted from the wrong side of his mouth; a spokesperson from the NHS Trust stated that steps had been taken to prevent this kind of mistake happening in the future.

Mr. Lacey told the newspaper that the money he has received will go towards remedial dental treatment, including £2,200 towards the cost of a new implant crown.

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