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Patient Wrongly Told he was Dying Wins Psychological Injury Compensation

A man who was wrongly told that he was dying from leukaemia has won psychological injury compensation from the NHS for the trauma that he went through.

Anthony Moore was treated at Basildon Hospital in Essex after complaining of a wound that had become infected. He was then given the drug Linezoid, which is used to treat MRSA after medical staff wrongly believed he had the infection.

The Daily Mail newspaper is reporting that the drug unfortunately had a negative effect on Mr Moore and he was rushed back into the Hospital five days later. This time he was suffering from anaemia and low haemoglobin. Medical staff examined him and then wrongly told him he was suffering from leukaemia and that he could expect to live no more than 12 months.

The mistake was found out later when it was diagnosed that he was in fact suffering from peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) and not leukaemia. The nerve damage had been caused by the use of Linezoid when he did not have MRSA. This nerve damage has left Mr Moore with mobility problems, and he will most likely need surgery in the future.

Mr Moore sued the NHS for their errors and negligence. The NHS Trust did not dispute liability in relation to the poor standard of care delivered to Mr Moore, and he was awarded £175,000 in compensation.

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