Pavement Accident Claims

Pavement Accident Claims

It is easy to slip, trip or fall while out and about and many of us have done just that at some time or another. Thankfully, most of the time we remain uninjured and are simply able to brush ourselves off and move on. Unfortunately though, some of the time the accident is not our fault and injuries can occur. Every local council has a responsibility to ensure that pavements are safe for people to use. If they have failed in this responsibility and you have been injured by tripping or falling on a defect in a pavement then you may be able to claim pavement injury compensation.

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To be able to make pavement accident claims, you must have been injured by some kind of defect in the pavement. Defects can happen through wear and tear or maybe be left over from utility companies performing ground works. Two of the most common examples of pavement defects are potholes and raised paving slabs. If you have tripped on a pothole or raised slab, then it is important to try and measure how big the defect is. It is typically accepted that a pothole must be at least an inch deep, and a raised slab at least an inch high, before the Council can be held responsible for your injuries. In such cases it may be possible to claim compensation for a slip on a pavement.

Tripping, slipping and falling on pavements can cause a variety of injuries including broken bones, concussion, hip injuries, bruises and sprains. These injuries can be incredibly painful and in some cases mean that you are unable to work for a significant period of time. This can bring financial implications to you and your family. Pavement injury compensation can help relieve this burden.

Below is a list of things that if possible should be carried out to ensure that your pavement accident claim has the best chance of success:

  • Get medical attention
  • Get witness details
  • Measure the defect
  • Photograph the defect
  • Report your accident to the relevant local council

Get medical attention – It is important in all claims for compensation to get your injuries treated and recorded by a medical professional.

Get witness details – If there were any witnesses to your accident try and get their names and addresses if possible. This will help back up your case.

Measure the defect – It is important to determine the exact size of the defect if feasible.

Photograph the defect – Photographic evidence can be crucial to a case. If possible photograph the defect, including a ruler – or at least an object such as a coin – to show the size and scale. Also take a picture showing the defect with a recognisable landmark in the background.

Report the accident – Report the accident to the local council so that they can record the details. They can also stop any further accidents happening at the defect.

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Pavement trip claim

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