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Pedestrian due road traffic injury claim compensation

A multi million pound road traffic injury claim payout has been awarded to a pedestrian who was severely injured in a road traffic accident.

Almost five years ago, James Sedge aged twenty five was hit by a BMW X5 being driven by Christopher Prime aged twenty six.

It was said that Mr Prime was taking some friends to a takeaway in his father’s recently collected car, when the road traffic accident took place near a pub on June 2nd 2006 at around 11pm.

Mr Sedge was hit by the BMW X5 when he tried to cross the road and was thrown across the road due to the impact and hit a bollard.

Because of the ferocity of the impact it caused Mr Sedge a catastrophic head injury and he now needs twenty four hour care.

Mr Prime’s driving was found negligent for the accident after James’s mother took his case to London’s High Court and the Judge of the inquest told the hearing that the area in which the accident happened had traffic calming measures, but when the streets get busy the people get very close to the road as the pavement is so narrow.

Mr Prime was found “75 per cent responsible” for the tragic events on that night and that Mr Sedge also contributed to the accident as he stepped into the road oblivious to whether there was any traffic.

Mr Sedge will be due a multi million pound road traffic injury claim payout due to the severity of his injuries.

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