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Pedestrian Thrown 5 Foot into the Air by Careless Driver

A pedestrian was knocked five foot into the air by a careless driver, it is being reported.

Nicola Barratt was walking home from work when the accident occurred in August. She was struck by a Vauxhall Astra being driven by Jamie Malcolm.

She tells the Sunday Sun that the vehicle mounted the pavement and struck her on her right side. She was thrown five foot into the air, whilst the car ploughed on and hit a tree and a metal bench.

A bush broke her fall, but she still suffered serious injury in the accident. She suffered a head injury, broken ribs and ankles, and a torn liver. She was on crutches for two months after the incident, as she recovered from her injuries.

Mr Malcolm has been in court recently in regards to the accident. He pleaded guilty to careless driving and was fined £200. His license was also endorsed with five penalty points.

Nicola states to the paper that she is disappointed at the court for issuing what she considers to be a lenient punishment. It is also stated that she has now launched a compensation claim for the injuries she suffered.

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