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Pennine NHS Trust Defends its High Payout of Medical Negligence Claims

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trusts has defended the high amount of money it pays out in medical negligence claims each year. The Trust runs five of the North-West’s hospitals including Rochdale Infirmary, Fairfield Hospital, North Manchester General and The Royal Oldham Hospital. The Trust was the third highest awarder of claims in the UK during the 2008-2009 period.

Pennine Acute Trust paid out a total of over £3.14 million pounds in negligence claims over the year long period. The compensation was paid out between just 10 cases. These cases were spread across a wide spectrum of departments including cardiology and paediatrics. Around a third of the £3million compensation bill was for legal costs for the negligence claims.

The medical director of The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trusts, Ruth Jameson defended the Trust’s record by saying: “Larger trusts who serve a larger population are clearly more likely to receive compensation claims than smaller trusts or those providing low-risk care.”

“The vast majority of the thousands of patients that we treat and care for every day receive and experience a good quality, safe and effective healthcare service.”

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