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Pensioner Awarded £5,000 Pavement Trip Compensation

An East Sussex grandmother has been awarded £5,000 in compensation, after tripping over a hole in the pavement.

Seventy three year old Irene Saville, of Churchill Avenue, in Ore, told the Hastings and St Leonards Observer, that she was pushing her great granddaughter in her pram, accompanied by her granddaughter, when she tripped over the hole in the pavement, which was situated directly outside her home.

As a result of the fall the pram tipped over and Mrs. Saville injured both hands, as she frantically tried to stop her great granddaughter from falling onto the concrete path.

Fortunately the baby was not harmed but Mrs. Saville had to endure six months of physiotherapy due to the severity of her injuries, she told the newspaper that one of her fingers was left almost hanging off, as a result of her fall.

Mrs. Saville launched a claim for personal injury compensation against East Sussex County Council and was awarded £5,000 in damages, following a county court hearing.

The newspaper is reporting that the council intends to appeal against the courts ruling, despite the fact that the county court judge described the state of the pavement as “an accident waiting to happen”.

A spokesperson for the council stated that they could not comment on individual cases.

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