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Pensioner Injured in Path Fall to Claim Compensation

An Ealing pensioner is to make an accident compensation claim against his local council, after enduring a year of treatment for injuries received in a nasty fall.

The Ealing Gazette newspaper is reporting that sixty eight year old Ray Alldis, of Leander Road, in Northolt, was walking his two dogs alongside the Grand Union Canal, when he slipped on the uneven surface.

Mr. Alldis told the newspaper that he suffered a displaced vertebrae, dislocated his hip and tore his thigh muscle in the fall and had to endure almost a year of chiropractory to treat his injuries.

The pensioner is now pursuing a personal injury compensation claim against Ealing Council, after taking legal advice.

Mr. Alldis originally asked for help to pay his medical bill but ended up paying for his treatment privately.

Mr. Alldis stated that his primary concern was for the council to make the path safer and to prevent anyone else being seriously injured; claiming that he had already witnessed old ladies and children falling on the path, which he said is riddled with cracks and bumps.

A spokesperson from the council stated that footpaths are regularly inspected and repairs carried out where necessary.

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