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Pensioner likely to make personal injury compensation claim following racecourse fine

A pensioner who was injured when a loose barrier smashed through her car windscreen will make a personal injury compensation claim.

Her claim follows a fine given to Doncaster Racecourse, who was deemed liable for the injuries to Joyce Richmond. They were ordered to pay £25,000 after breaching health and safety in failing to properly secure the barrier in place, hence causing the accident.

The accident happened when a metal barrier broke loose of the wire that was holding it in place. It subsequently went through the windscreen of her car and swung directly into her face.

Mrs Richmond’s injuries include a loss of sight in her right eye and shattered bones in her face. Her speech has also been affected.

Furthermore; her pet dog, which was in the car at the time was also injured and died only a couple of weeks later.

The accident has left her with psychological injuries, and she often suffers from panic attacks whilst out walking her new dog.

The fine of £25,000 was not set to measure the damage caused to Mrs Richmond, and a separate personal injury compensation claim will be made for this.

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