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Pensioner Sues after Breaking Wrist in Pothole Fall

A pensioner is reported to be suing after breaking her wrist in a pothole fall.

Seventy eight year old, Vera Grey was walking down the High Street in Blaenau Ffestiniog when the accident happened. Cambrian News reports that as she was trying to cross the road, a car pulled out from the street opposite.

This caused Mrs Grey to take a step backwards, inadvertently stepping into a pothole on the uneven road. The act of her foot going into the hole caused her to lose her balance and fall backwards. She put her hand out in a vain attempt to break her fall, and ended up suffering a wrist injury.

Mrs Grey believed that she had only sprained her wrist, but after spending a couple of days in pain, she went the doctor and was told that she had in fact broken it.

Mrs Grey is now reported to be seeking compensation for the pavement accident. The Welsh Government (who are responsible for the road), are stated to be looking into the matter.

Mrs Grey had previously worked locally for 30 years as a lollipop lady for local school children, helping them to cross the road safely.

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