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Pensioner Sues after Pavement Explosion

A pensioner in London is suing after being injured in a freak pavement explosion accident.

The man in question was stood on a manhole cover as he was chatting to friends in the street in Harrow last August. The incident happened when a freak explosion under the manhole blew it out from the ground. He suffered serious injuries that left him in a wheelchair for three months, and he will only recover approximately 80% use of his injured leg.

The Evening Standard reports that he is now suing a power supply company – who he blames for the accident – for injury compensation. The explosion threw the man into the air with such a loud bang that witnesses reported to emergency services that a bomb had gone off.

The company in question, UK Power Networks, are being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive in regards to a similar explosion that took place in Edgware Road, London. Three pedestrians were injured in this incident in May, which involved a pavement explosion apparently caused by an electrical fault.

UK Power Networks are reported to be refusing to accept responsibility for the incident in which the man was injured, and his case is thought to be ongoing.

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