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Pensioner Thrown from Wheelchair in Pavement Accident

A frail Liverpool pensioner suffered serious personal injury and could have been killed, after his wheelchair overturned on a poorly maintained pavement.

The Liverpool Echo is reporting that seventy year old Joe Johnson was attempting to cross Green Lane, in Tuebrook, when his electric powered wheelchair struck a divot, causing his machine to overturn and throwing him into the busy road, in front of oncoming traffic.

Stroke victim Mr. Johnson broke his shoulder and suffered cuts and bruises to his head and face during his terrifying ordeal, which also caused a van to make an emergency stop and forced a bus to take evasive action.

He told the newspaper that he had made several complaints about the condition of the pavements in the area and described them as a danger that was putting lives at risk.

The state of the pavement in Green Lane has since been inspected by council officials, according to a council spokesperson, who expressed concern over Mr. Johnson and wished him a full and speedy recovery.

The Echo has previously reported that the council had paid out over £30,000 in personal injury compensation to trip and fall accident victims, injured on a single road in the same area.

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