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Pensioner to Claim Compensation for Slipping on Grass Cuttings

A pensioner from Yorkshire is attempting to claim compensation for a slip he had on wet grass cuttings.

The Star newspaper in south Yorkshire is reporting that Clary Day was on a morning walk back in 2008 when he attempted to move down a steep public foot path. The path was covered in wet grass cuttings which had not been swept away by Barnsley Council after they had been pruning overgrown vegetation adjacent to the walkway. The 81 year old could see the way was going to be slippery, but had no choice but to try to make it to the handrail on the path.

His right foot slipped and he fell and landed on his arm and shoulder. The fall caused him great pain which he still feels to some extent today. He also could not lift his arm for months after the accident.

Now Mr Day is suing the council for compensation, claiming they were negligent in not cleaning up the grass cuttings. The Council itself has refused to admit liability for the incident, arguing that staff are trained to remove any waste caused by trimming foliage.

Mr Day reported to the paper that many people had complained about the grass cuttings but that no action had been taken. The case is ongoing.

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