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Pensioner Wins Compensation Claim for Broken Hip Replacement Trauma

A pensioner has won a compensation claim after his hip replacement broke inside his leg.

George Watkins became what is thought to be the first person in the UK to win a case for a default in a hip implant. He was left in severe pain after he felt the implant snap back in 2007, describing the incident as “like having a broken leg”. He’d had the implant fitted in 2002, replacing one he had had in his leg since 1987. The hip he’d had fitted in 2002 was expected to last at least 10 years.

After the snap of his hip implant, Mr Watkins was forced to undergo a serious and painful operation at Wycombe Hospital. This involved having ligaments and muscles in his leg cut again, leaving him with mobility problems. He can no longer play golf at his local golf club where he had been playing for 30 years. He can’t walk around as well as he could and has difficulty playing with his numerous grandchildren. His mobility will never recover to the level that it once was.

Mr Watkins has received a ‘reasonable payout’ from the medical corporation Zimmer who manufactured the hip. A crucial piece of evidence in the compensation claim case was the broken hip itself, which Mr Watkins had the foresight to insist was returned to him after the operation.

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