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Personal Injury Claim Compensation set for E.Coli Twins

After suffering kidney failure from contracting the fatal E.Coli bug at a farm, some young twins may receive a massive personal injury claim settlement.

The twins Aaron and Todd Furnell from Paddock Wood, we on a day out at Godstone petting farm in Surrey, when they contracted the strain of E.Coli. This lead to weeks in hospital for the twins and resulted in acute kidney failure and may even cause them long term medical issues.

After the first case of E.Coli was reported the farm was closed for four weeks. It was said that ninety three people became ill after the outbreak, seventy six of them being children under ten years old.

The parents of the children made ill by the outbreak started a personal injury claim battle against the farm that involved over twenty other infected children.

One of the main points against Godstone Farm, was that the children visiting were allowed in to the animals pens, which had a bedding system in operation were clean straw was piled on top of soiled straw and meant the children were coming into close proximity of dirty straw and animal droppings.

Even though the report done by the Health Protection Agency found various issues in the way the farm had failed to handle the outbreak, the farm initially denied liability for the incidents.

It has since been said that the farm are no longer contesting liability for the outbreak, which means Godstone Farm could end up paying out millions of pounds in personal injury claim settlements to those families affected by the E.Coli outbreak.

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