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Personal Injury Claims cost Council £4m in Compensation

Over the last three years Wigan Council has paid out £4 million in compensation, to people injured in work accidents, slips, trips and falls on the highways and other incidents that resulted in personal injury.

Wigan Today is reporting that during 2009/2010 the council paid out over £100,000 to claimants injured in falls and an accident involving machinery, resulted in £25,000 being awarded in damages.

In the following year the amount paid out for slips, trips and falls almost doubled to nearly £200,000, with the highest individual claim topping £120,000 for an injury caused by a falling object.

Last year (2011/2012) saw a slip due to a wet floor, costing the council almost £200,000, while injuries that occurred on council property accounted for £100,000 and an accident involving lifting equipment resulted in a payment of close to £50,000.

Figures were obtained when the newspaper approached the council with a Freedom of Information Request.

A spokesman from the council stated that he was unable to reveal more specific details about the cases, as this could lead to the individuals involved being identified, however, he did add that all claims were paid through the councils insurance fund.

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