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Personal Injury Compensation agreed by buggy company

Over 40 UK children, who had their fingers injured in the hinges of UK buggy manufacturer Maclaren’s buggy hinges, have had personal injury compensation agreed.

In late 2009 Maclaren had to recall one million of its products in the US after there were reports that children were being injured. This then started a long running saga of compensation claims in which this compensation agreement followed.

Maclaren at the time insisted that UK buggies had not been affected and a recall did not take place. Allegedly as a result of the buggy’s folding hinge system, similar injury reports began to emerge around the UK. UK customers can request hinge covers via the firm’s website.

Maclaren refused to admit liability but agreed to the personal injury compensation. With the aid of its insurers Maclaren have agreed to make the compensation damage rewards in full. Depending on the severity of the injuries the individual amounts will vary and any money received will be invested for the child until they reach 18 years old.

Some of the cases date back to 2003 and involve children who were hurt when aged between one and eight years old. Some of the injuries resulting in the personal injury compensation payout included amputation of the last finger joint, fractured bones and deep lacerations. Some of these injuries left severe scars and in the more extreme cases permanent loss of feeling or disfigurement.

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