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Personal injury compensation claim made against tour operator after ski-doo accident

A woman injured in a ‘ski-doo’ accident is making a £300,000 personal injury compensation claim.

Emma Moore, a mother of two was injured in the Italian Alps in January 2007, in an accident that has left her paralysed from the mid-chest down.

Her personal injury compensation claim is against the tour operator, Inghams Travel, who she says did not provide her with the full safety training that was needed before taking on such a challenge on steep mountain edges.

Mrs Moore was an experienced skier and snowboarder, but took some persuasion by Inghams tour rep Jane Hodges to take part in the ski-doo exercise.

When she went out to use a ski-doo, she informed the rep that she had never used one before. She was then informed that a full safety briefing would be given by the ski-doo garage operator Adriano Tantera.

However, Mrs Moore claims that this briefing only lasted 30 seconds and, these were “very brief and wholly inadequate.” She was shown how to accelerate and break but not shown the emergency stop button or informed of any safety procedures.

Although the ski-doo trip seemed safe at first, on their return down the mountain a problem with the brake developed – causing her to career down the slope and crash into a vehicle in the car park below at a forceful speed.

The holiday company has so far denied liability for the accident, claiming that there was no fault with the ski-doo and that Mrs Moore must not have been braking.

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