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Personal Injury Compensation – Met Officer cleared of racial assault cost his force £60,000

A Metropolitan Police officer who attacked a Muslim terror suspect cost his force £60,000 in personal injury compensation.

PC Mark Jones repeatedly punched and kicked a British Muslim during his arrest – whilst mocking him for his religious beliefs.

Babar Ahmad’s family received £60,000 personal injury compensation after it was deemed that the Metropolitan Police acted with ‘gross brutality.’

Although Mr Ahmad is now awaiting extradition to America for breaking terror laws, his family say that PC Jones, along with other officers involved, should be prosecuted for their actions.

The news comes following a trial which saw PC Jones cleared of racially abusing two teenagers in West London.

He was accused of treating them in an aggressive manner, with the van driver of the Police van giving evidence against him saying that he kicked, punched, slapped and walked on three youths who were under arrest.

PC Jones was unanimously cleared of racially aggravated common assault by the jury at the trial.

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