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Personal Injury damages of £2.3 million awarded

A high court judge has recently awarded a man who suffered severe injuries from a serious road traffic accident, a £2.3 million payout.

The other vehicle was travelling directly towards him, whilst trying to pass a lorry when the crash took place.

Nazer Ahadi, suffered a brain injury and was left disabled whilst he was travelling to his bakery job close to Devizes, Swindon in 2006 when he was struck head on by another car.

Mr Ahadi, defied the medical opinion of his doctors by walking, as they thought he would never walk again. He has been awarded £2.3 million and £145,000 per year for life to fund the round the clock medical treatment he requires, a specially adapted home and any neuro rehabilitation he requires.

Mr Ahadi, came to the UK when he was 13 and was looked after by a local family. He became a popular local figure before the unfortunate and horrific road traffic accident. Mr Ahadi’s solicitor was pleased with the payout as it means that Mr Ahadi will be looked after for the remainder of his life and be financially secure.

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