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Pilkington glass fined for accident at work injury claim

Two employees who work for one of the UK’s most renowned glass manufacturing company have been injured in an accident at work when a trolley of glass panes collapsed on them.

Pilkington UK Ltd employees, Nick Stone and Ashley Emes attempted to move a trolley which had been loading with glass when is collapsed on them as they moved it.

It was said that the trolley was only meant to hold 1,500kg of weight but was overloaded with 1,780kg. The workers attempted to move the trolley which had the weight unevenly distributed when the glass shattered as it fell on them.

Serious injuries where suffered as a result of this accident at work, Mr Emes of Bristol, needed a number of operations on his knee, suffered a broken leg and had to have 72 stitches in his neck and has not returned to work. Mr Stone of Weston-Super-Mare received tendon damage and severe cuts and bruising and was only able to return work after six months.

Glass manufacturer Pilkington United Kingdom Ltd, pleaded guilty to breaking the Health and Safety at work act, and were fined £20,000 and made to pay legal costs of £5,646.

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