Pillion Passenger Accident Case Studies

Pillion Passenger Accident Case Studies

Case one – lost control while braking

Ms R was riding as a pillion passenger on the back of a motorcycle. The bike approached a left hand bend on a 30mph road too fast for the wet conditions. The motorcyclist overbraked, the front wheel locked and the bike overturned. Ms R was thrown from the bike and onto the road, colliding with protective barriers at the side. She suffered a serious leg injury in the accident.

“After a traumatic accident I needed my claim to be stress-free”

Ms R had reservations about claiming, but was suffering financially from being unable to work for months. Our team fought hard and got her £15,250, the maximum compensation available.

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Case two – car pulls out into motorbike’s path

Mr Y was the pillion passenger on his friend’s motorbike. They were travelling down an urban road within the speed limit. A car pulled out from a junction on their left directly into their path, and they collided into the side of the vehicle. He was thrown from the bike and suffered a shoulder injury.

“The compensation really helped me out; thanks”

Mr Y sought compensation through Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, and was delighted when he received £8,460 in compensation for his injuries.

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Case three – rear end collision

Ms G was travelling as the pillion passenger on a motorcycle as the bike approached a busy junction. The motorcyclist had not seen the stationary queue of traffic in time, and despite braking hard, crashed into the back of a car. Ms G suffered a neck injury in the impact from the pillion position.

“I was surprised at how easy you made everything”

Because Ms G suffered injury in an accident that was not her fault, she decided to claim compensation. After contacting our team she received £3,100.


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* These case studies are intended as a guide only, and in no way should be taken as a guaranteed payout level or legal advice in any specific case.

Each case is unique and advice should be sought by our trained professionals about your exact circumstances.

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