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Plymouth joins list of cities reducing deaths through road traffic accidents

The road traffic accident safety figures for Plymouth have now been released, and have shown a decrease in road traffic accident fatalities.

Results also show that the numbers of deaths and serious injuries have fallen in the city faster than the whole rest of West Country counties Devon and Cornwall.

Although those killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents has slightly increased, from 59 in 2006 to 62 in 2008, actual road traffic accident fatalities have dropped to under five every year in the past five years.

Plymouth is one of many cities trying to achieve government safety targets, by reducing numbers of road traffic accidents on their roads. They had been set a target of reducing road traffic accident deaths and serious injuries by 50% based on data from 1994-1998.

The city met their target of 50% back in 2005. They then decided that they should set their own target of 60% by 2010.

The current killed and seriously injured (KSI) figure for road traffic accidents on Plymouth’s roads is 145. However, many agree that the figure is still 145 too many, and that even 1 death should be avoidable.

A Plymouth council spokeswoman said: “We’re not complacent about road safety and will continue to work hard to minimise the number of accidents on Plymouth’s roads.”

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