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Police Officer Loses his £100,000 Claim for Injury Compensation

A police officer who attempted to claim £100,000 injury compensation after damaging his knee on duty, lost his case last week. Detective Constable William Stokes injured his knee kicking down a door to reach an ill man lying inside. He had been waiting for a battering ram to arrive outside the house with PC Claire Duffy for 30 minutes in Ayrshire, Scotland. During the 30 minutes the police officers had made threes requests for a battering ram but none had arrived. DC Stokes then made the decision to kick the door down, fearing the sick man inside needed emergency help. DC Stokes however suffered cartilage damage to his right knee, causing him pain and swollenness. The injury caused him to miss three months of work and be on light duties for a further 13.

DC Stokes launched a bid for injury compensation for the incident which happened back in 2004, but it has now been ruled unsuccessful. The figure of £100,000 was generated from DC Stokes claims of missing overtime work and payment during the 16 months injured. He also decided to pay for expensive private medical treatment at the time and was trying to claim back that expense. He claimed that the force was negligent in providing him with the correct equipment to complete his work. The £100,000 claim however proved unsuccessful.

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