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Police Officer to Claim £500,000 Compensation for Injured Elbow

A former police officer, who was forced to quit the force after fracturing his elbow, is to claim half a million pounds in compensation.

Thirty three year old Steven O’Connor, from Prestwich, in Bury, Greater Manchester, was employed as a probationary officer, when he broke his left elbow while attempting to restrain a suspect.

Mr. O’Conner received treatment for his injuries at the Royal Oldham Hospital but after undergoing several operations, has been left with a trapped nerve which causes him chronic pain.

The Manchester Evening News is reporting that Mr. O’Conner has accused medical staff at the hospital of being negligent by not recognising quickly enough that his injury required specialised treatment.

He is now making a claim for £500,000 in medical negligence compensation from the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, who manages the Royal Oldham, claiming that he now suffers with osteoarthritis and restricted movement in his elbow, which has severely limited his ability to find alternative employment.

A writ issued to the High Court in London states that had the damaged elbow been operated on before the onset of osteoarthritis, Mr. O’Conner would likely have made a good recovery and returned to work within six months.

A legal representative for the former police officer stated that his client had not only been left in a lot of pain but had lost the career he was totally committed to.

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