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Police Pay £35,000 Compensation to Car Crash Victims

Two female drivers have been awarded a combined total of £35,000 in car accident compensation, following separate collisions involving police vehicles.

Thirty seven year old Laura Boyd made an initial claim for £75,000 in damages after suffering serious facial injuries, when her car was hit from behind by a police van which was responding to an emergency call, she was eventually awarded £22,500 by the courts, after the force argued that Ms Boyd had elected to make a right turn despite the police vehicle approaching from behind with its blue lights flashing.

In an unrelated incident thirty three year old Sheryl Skelton suffered serious neck injuries when her Peugeot was in collision with a Toyota Avensis police car, she told the Edinburgh Evening News newspaper that she suffered whiplash in the accident which is still causing her problems.

Mrs Skelton received £12,500 in whiplash compensation after the driver of the police vehicle admitted liability for the incident.

A spokesperson for the police force stated that it was unfortunate that members of the public occasionally suffered injury or damage to property as a result of police activity, adding that the police recognised the importance of providing compensation in such circumstances.

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