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Police Worker Accidentally Shot Wins Work Accident Compensation Claim

What should have been a routine firearms training exercise for police control room operator Keith Tilbury, turned into a life changing moment when he was shot in the stomach by his instructor. The 57 Year old suffered serious injuries when he was shot in the stomach by Pc David Micklethwaite and has gone on to win his work accident compensation claim. PC Micklethwaite was convicted of offences under the health and safety act of 1974 and fined £8000 plus costs. He was under the incorrect belief that he had loaded a ‘dummy round’ when he fired at Mr Tilbury.

Liability for the incident has been admitted by Thames Valley Police who also vowed to change their procedures to prevent future work accidents. Thames Valley Police were ordered to pay £25,000 in legal costs for the case. In their statement after the case the Police Force disclosed that they would like to “reiterate their apology to Keith and will continue to offer him all the support he requires.”

Mr Tilbury is expected to receive a six figure payout for his compensation claim, however the exact amount will not be disclosed. He will receive such a large figure due to the seriousness of the injuries to his kidneys, bowels and lungs. He also understandably suffered psychological distress from the accident and is left unable to work. Mr Tilbury admitted he was “pleased” with the payout, adding that the money would help him to “deal with his injuries” and “pay for any future treatment that he may need.”

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