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Postal Worker Receives £550,000 Accident at Work Compensation

A Cambridgeshire postal worker has been awarded £550,000 in personal injury compensation, after breaking both of his legs in an accident at work.

Fifty nine year old Andrew Hutcheson, from Eynesbury, in St Neots, was working for Parcel Force and was sorting parcels at the rear of his van, when another vehicle careered into it.

Mr. Hutcheson suffered multiple breaks to both of his legs in the accident and was hospitalised for three months, while surgeons battled to repair his shattered limbs.

The Cambridge News is reporting that the postal employee has been left permanently disabled by his injuries and although he is now able to walk a few steps, with the aid of a walking frame, it is has not yet been established how much movement his legs will regain.

He told the newspaper that all he could remember about the collision was hearing a loud bang and then being attended to at the side of the road, before being rushed to hospital.

Mr. Hutcheson launched a claim for accident at work compensation and was awarded £550,000 in damages, which he and his wife intend to use to finance a move away from their second floor flat, to more suitable accommodation, which has been specially adapted to the postal workers needs.

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