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Posties Claim Dog Bite Compensation as Attacks Rise Dramatically

Attacks on Royal Mail Delivery Staff by aggressive dogs rose sharply during the last year. Figures released recently show on the whole a 20% increase in reported attacks. The number of reported attacks rose from 4,067 to 4,810, averaging out at an astonishing 92 per week. Injured postal workers are eligible to claim dog bite compensation for their injuries.

The figures are released at the same time as the Royal Mail arms its workers with a new weapon to fend off aggressive dogs. The device quickly releases compressed air, giving off a hissing sound that scares off dogs and is being trialled in the South-East of England. They also released instructions to workers on dealing with dogs. These include:
– Never entering a premises where a dog is loose
– If attacked place the post bag between you and the dog
– Never run from a dog but back away slowly

Dog attacks can have serious consequences for postal workers. Postie Keith Davies was attacked by not one but two rottweilers while delivering the post. After suffering serious injuries and a six hour operation he is entitled to dog bite compensation. Owners of aggressive dogs are notified and asked to take steps to prevent future attacks or risk losing the right to have their mail delivered.

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