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Pothole problem will increase the number of accident compensation claims

A huge increase in potholes on the roads could lead to a rise in accident compensation claims, as well cause extensive damage to motor vehicles experts have warned.

Local Authorities across the UK are beginning to count the cost of road repairs, as the freezing conditions play havoc with tarmac surfaces.

Potholes are formed when water gets into cracks in the road. The cycle of this water freezing and thawing expands the size of the pothole, whilst tyres driving over the weakened tarmac cause the ruts in the surface that cause so much damage to both car and person.

With further snowfall across large parts of the UK today, there is unlikely to be any respite from the problem over the coming week.

Poor weather and visibility means that drivers are finding it almost impossible to avoid the potholes, and often find they drive over them before they have had time to react to seeing them.

In April last year the Asphalt Industry Alliance reported that there was a pothole for every 120 yards of road in England and Wales, and the latest cold weather is likely to have made the problem even worse.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation said: “Potholes are not just about inconvenience. They damage vehicles and cause accidents. It is wrong to think doing nothing is the easy option. In previous years councils have spent almost as much money dealing with compensation claims as fixing the problem.”

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