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Power Plant Worker Wins Accident at Work Compensation

A power plant worker from Glamorgan has won accident at work compensation after injuring his arm.

Timothy Gossett was working at Aberthaw power station when the incident occurred. He was changing a valve on pipework with his colleague Saul Coles when they heard a large bang. This was followed by a blast of high pressured air which carried rust and debris with it. The debris pierced through Mr Gossett’s right arm, causing him serious injuries to his hand and forearm. After the incident, he needed visits to three different hospitals and an operation to move the fragments which had been pushed into the skin.

The workers had been informed that the pipework had been depressurised before they started removing the valve in order to make it safe to work. The company which runs the plant in the Vale of Glamorgan, npower, has been fined £8,000 for failure to comply with health and safety regulations. The Judge who handed out the fine noted that if the air had hit Mr Gossett in the face then the incident could have been a lot more serious. The firm’s legal team highlighted that they previously had an excellent safety record and that this was an isolated incident that they admitted responsibility for.

Mr Gossett who was contracted out to npower by 3D Automation has received £3,000 in accident compensation.

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