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The scandal of banks and other financial institutions mis-selling payment protection insurance has made headlines across the country recently. Many people were sold PPI policies when taking out a loan that they were unaware of or unable to claim from. Are you one of these people? We here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors can help.

PPI explained

PPI was insurance sold with loans and credit cards for the purpose of covering repayments if the borrower was unable to make them. Reasons for missing the payment could include instances such as being out of work. Such insurance is useful to some people, but many were sold PPI that they did not need or want.

We can help!

If you think you are a victim of the PPI scandal then we can help! We fight the financial institutions to get back the PPI money that is rightfully yours. We have helped our clients claim back thousands of pounds!

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How and why was PPI mis-sold?

Thousands of people were pressurised into taking out payment protection insurance in an attempt by financial institutions to make money. There are many reasons why you may legitimately feel you were mis-sold PPI, including some of the following:

  • You were sold a PPI policy even though you found out later that there was no way you could make a claim on it (for example you were self-employed or retired).
  • You were unaware that PPI payments were added to your loan or credit card.
  • You were pressured into taking out a PPI policy (for example you were told it would increase the chances of your loan application being successful) or you were not told the policy was optional.


What was PPI mis-sold on?

Contact us at Amanda Cunliffe SolicitorsPayment protection insurance was mis-sold on a variety of different products including:

  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Mortgages

If you have bought any of these products in the last decade and feel that you could have been wrongly sold PPI on them, then you could be entitled to claim your money back. In many cases this can amount to thousands of pounds.

Please contact Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors on 0800 2800 976 to see how we can help with your PPI claim back.

What could your claim be worth?