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Pregnant police officer dies in high speed car accident collision

A female police officer and her unborn baby have been killed following a car accident in Buckinghamshire.

Pregnant Detective Constable Dee Weatherley was killed instantly when she was hit head-on by another car coming in the opposite direction. Her unborn child died whilst on the way to hospital.

Both cars were travelling at around 60mph at the time of the accident, resulting in catastrophic damage to the vehicles. One witness compared it to ‘a formula one crash where everything flies apart.’

The driver of the other vehicle, Dawn Lawes, survived the crash but suffered memory loss and cannot remember the car accident happening.

Mrs Lawes, 44, however did admit liability for the crash after she lost control of her car when driving round a bend too quickly on a wet morning last December.

Subsequently, her vehicle strayed across into the oncoming traffic lane and hit DC Weatherley’s vehicle at speed.

Mrs Lawes was sentenced to six-months in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.

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