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Prisoner gets £4.7m Accident Compensation after Suffering Brain Damage Falling from a Bunk

A prisoner has received £4.7 million pounds in accident compensation after being left brain damaged by the negligence of prison staff.

Ryan St George fell 6ft off the top bunk of a bed in Brixton prison landing on a concrete floor. The incident happened back in 1997 when Mr St George was serving a four month prison sentence for theft. He had told prison staff during his admission that he suffered from epileptic fits but despite this he was still given a top bunk to sleep in. During the night of the incident he suffered one of these fits, which caused him to roll out of the bed and hit the floor.

After staff found Mr St George, it took a whole 39 minutes for them to call for an ambulance. When it later arrived, the ambulance was unable to get through the prison gates due to one of the gates being stuck. The reasons for this have never been explained. While paramedics were tending to the injured prisoner, they only received information about Mr St George from other inmates and not prison staff.

Mr St George suffered catastrophic brain injuries in the incident which have left him needing round-the-clock care. A High Court ruling in 2007 declared that the Home Office was 85% responsible due to the negligence of prison staff. The other 15% responsibility was given to Mr St George himself, as his addictions to heroin and alcohol had caused him to start having epileptic fits in the first place.

It has now been decided he will receive £4.7 million in accident compensation for his injuries, which will consist of a lump sum and annual payments to provide for his extensive care.

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