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Promising Footballer is on the Verge of £500,000 Criminal Injury Compensation

A young trainee footballer who was blinded in one eye in a vicious attack is on the verge of receiving £500,000 in criminal injury compensation. John Tier was a talented footballer with the world at his feet when at the age of just 16 he was attacked as he walked his girlfriend home. He was set upon by a gang of six youths in an unprovoked attack, during which he was punched, kicked and thoroughly beaten. During the attack, one of the youths hit him in the eye with a bottle before trying to stab him in the body with the shards of glass. During the impact of the bottle in his face John reports feeling his left eye “explode.” Surgeons later reported that it was one of the worst eye injuries they had ever seen. John unfortunately lost the sight of that eye and had to have it replaced with a prosthetic eye.

Mr Tier was originally offered £5000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority but he rejected this offer due to the severity of his injuries. John was no longer able to carry on with his promising football career due to the loss of sight and felt the compensation offered did not take into account his loss of future earnings. The Scottish Professional Footballers’ Association stated to the Authority that he had the ability to play in the Scottish Premier League earning at a very minimum £75,000 per annum. Only one of the youths has ever been caught for the attack, and he failed to receive a custodial sentence. Mr Tier was left depressed due to his injuries and the loss of his career, however, the case looks set to be settled soon with criminal injury compensation expected to reach £500,000.

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