Pub and Restaurant Accident Case Studies

Case one – slip on spilt drink

Ms D was on a night out with friends when they visited a nightclub. They made their way to the dance floor and started dancing. As she manoeuvred to the edge of the floor she slipped on a drink which had been spilt. She damaged her ankle and cut herself on the broken glass. Witnesses reported that the drink had been dropped some thirty minutes before the accident but that no member of staff had attempted to clean it up.

“I was over the moon when my cheque came in the post”

Ms D needed an expert team on her side in this case, and contacted Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors. After a hard fight, she ended up receiving the maximum amount of compensation available, £4,360.

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Case two – slip in toilets

Mr S was in a restaurant with friends when he went to the toilet at the end of his meal. The floor in the toilets was very wet, but this could not be seen by Mr S because of the colour of the tiles. The water made the tiles dangerous and Mr S slipped and injured himself. It was later proved that the water had come from a plumbing problem that the restaurant was aware of but had not taken steps to rectify.

“I was embarrassed and hurt at the time, but I’m glad my case has been settled”

Proving liability was not simple in this case, but years of knowledge and experience helped our team get Mr S £8,970 compensation for injury.

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Case three – fall from broken chair

Mr H was in a public house enjoying a drink with friends. He sat down on a wooden chair that unbeknown to him had a damaged leg. Under the extra pressure of his weight, the leg buckled and the chair collapsed, throwing Mr H to the floor. He damaged his arm in the fall.

“I was shocked to be injured, but so happy with your service”

The establishment had clearly put Mr H’s safety at risk, and an investigation found more chairs in a poor and dangerous condition. With our help, Mr H received compensation of £3,610.

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* These case studies are intended as a guide only, and in no way should be taken as a guaranteed payout level or legal advice in any specific case.

Each case is unique and advice should be sought by our trained professionals about your exact circumstances.

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